Blogging from another country!

As some of you may know I am spending this semester abroad in Denmark! My goals while studying here are mainly to gain exposure to how people in different parts of the world interact in social and educational contexts. I have spent the past few weeks traveling to Denmark and getting settled into this new place. Finally, I have the chance to sit down and concentrate on getting back to research.

The first step is thinking about some goals that I would like to accomplish this semester and beginning to plan them out. I left of at the end of the summer with a reasonably presentable set of tables describing the data sets found on the LOGD sparql endpoint. There is still a LOT of work to be done in terms of visually presenting the data and in terms of parsing/cleaning/selecting the data. I think it then makes sense to break down my objectives in terms of presentation and parsing with a little overlap between the two.

Visual Goals
  • Eliminate presentation of all of the data at once, instead allowing more of a browse/select which data to show and eliminate the overhead of processing everything at once.
  • Determine ways to prepare more “visual” presentations of the data ranging from pie charts to geo-maps. I need to look at data sets and identify unique information that could be used to create a more useful visualization.
  • E-mail members of TWC and see if there are any specific ways they would like information presented or ways that would be helpful for demonstration purposes  and etc.
Data Parsing Goals
  • Re-organize data on a basic level to group similar information together. This makes sense from a browsing viewpoint.
  • Find ways to identify unique information that could be used in creating more useful visualizations.
  • Expand capabilities of queries to gather information from different endpoints and handle a broader range of data.
Following the completing of some of these tasks/goals I will likely have to re-hash other ones, but that will come later. For now, those are my current thoughts and ideas and I should be able to start knocking them out soon!
Looking forward to a productive semester and meeting all the new undergrads!

About Cameron

Cameron Helm is a third year undergraduate student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute currently pursuing his bachelors in Computer Science and a member of the TWC.
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