Updates! Finally!

Well, I would love to blog about my travels and experiences in Europe but the only relevant part would be how it pulls me away from the computer and slows down progress!

Joking aside, my newest update is mainly a bug fix to handle a problem with bad links coming back to me from my initial query and the addition of displaying the results in small (5 results a a time) pieces to minimize computer processing draw and make the results more manageable.

Anyone who had previously visited my page that displays results may have had the please to meet my friendly JavaScript Alert “Error in query: Request timed out”.

The reason for these timeout errors is pretty simple, when I query the database for URLs to all of the individual data sets, some of the links are bad. Most of these links were probably good at one time but the data was moved while the URL remained unchanged. I realized that before I could move any further forward towards my outlined goals, I needed to find a reasonable solution/workaround for timeouts.

My solution to handle the bad errors was first to remove the pop-up, the user doesn’t need to know about all of those errors. Second was to account for the problems the error caused, mainly in counting/displaying/hiding different visualizations. When I simply displayed everything at once it allowed me to ignore the error, but if I want to only display some data I need to be certain that my information matches up. To make sure that number always matches up, I am inserting a false set of divs for the bad link and will eventually use it as a way to report/find the bad links. Currently, you are simply given an empty div but I can use this in the future.

With these features I think I have greatly expanded the use-ability of the page, specifically since it will no longer annoy users.

You can check everything out for yourself here: http://www.cs.rpi.edu/~helmc2/TWC/Research.html

A quick preview for the rest:


About Cameron

Cameron Helm is a third year undergraduate student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute currently pursuing his bachelors in Computer Science and a member of the TWC.
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